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Was held 17th May, 2022

About 110 people attended the field day held 17th May, 2022, first field day in 3 years! Sponsored by UC Davis and California Crop Improvement Association.

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To be held November 14-17, 2022 in San Diego, CA

Registrations, exhibit opportunities, submission of papers now open. See:

This will be a gathering of alfalfa producers, advisors, industry members and scientists from around the US and world. Please join for this important event. This meeting supplants the Western and California Symposium, which is typically held each year.


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The 2021 Western Alfalfa and Forage Symposium

was held November 16 - 18, 2021

at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV

Click here for proceedings and videos of the presentations


Small Grains - Alfalfa/Forages Symposium


December, 2020

PCA and CCA Credits Offered

This workshop covered many aspects of pest management of importance including weeds, insects, and diseases.

Organized by: University of California Cooperative Extension, UC Davis, UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Day 1 Recording

Day 2 Recording

Alfalfa/Forage Virtual Field Day

September, 2020

This 'virtual field day' was held September 22, 2020. Many subjects were covered including alfalfa varieties, irrigation, sorghum production and feeding, use of sugar beets and safflower for forage, and research update on hemp. If you missed it, take a look at the videos and PowerPoints below.


  • Alfalfa Yield/Quality with Reduced Lignin Lines – Dan Putnam, UCD (video)
  • Forage Sorghum Types and Uses – Jeff Dahlberg, UC Kearney (video)
  • Alfalfa Insect Pest IPM Update: Aphids, Weevils, Worms – Ian Grettenberger, UCD (video)
  • Field Research on Industrial Hemp – Bob Hutmacher, Dan Putnam, UCD (video)
  • PE Selection in the Time of Covid- Lisa Blecker, UC ANR (pdf)
  • Crop Manage Irrigation Scheduling for Alfalfa – Michael Cahn, UC ANR (pdf)
  • Sorghum as a Forage for Dairies—Jennifer Heguy, UC ANR (pdf)
  • Sugar beets and Safflower as Alternative Forages—Steve Kaffka, UC Davis (ppt coming soon)
  • Sorghum Deficit Irrigation Response—Bob Hutmacher, UCD (pdf)
  • Choosing Alfalfa Varieties for High Yields and Pest Resistance—Dan Putnam, UCD (pdf)
  • Surface Irrigation Strategies for Groundwater Recharge—Khaled Bali, UC Kearney (pdf)

November 19-21, 2019 @ Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada

Including Irrigation Workshop, Economics, Pest Management, Forage Quality, Genetics

Small Grains - Alfalfa/Forages Symposium

Click Here for the Program Symposium

Field Day

Long Beach, CA

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A comprehensive 24-chapter publication designed to provide detailed, scientifically-based information about the growth, production, management, and utilization of alfalfa grown under irrigation. Lots of pest management information, forage quality, and variety information. Chapters can be downloaded, but it’s better to buy the whole publication.

Producing Alfalfa
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Learn to produce alfalfa from General Information to Seed Production.
Variety Selection
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Consult data tables from variety trials by location to help pick an alfalfa variety.
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Keep up on the latest symposium.
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Find and learn about people involved with the California Alfalfa Workgroup.