2023 Kearney Field Crops, Alfalfa and Forage Field Day

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7:00 am  

(refreshments provided)

8:00 am  Depart for Field Tour  
  Sorghum Variety Trials (Grain & Forage) (Handout) Jackie Atim, UC ANR
  Sorghum variety trial under deficit irrigation Jackie Atim
  Alfalfa varieties with varying irrigation strategies (Handout) Charlie Brummer, UC Davis
  Dry beans variety selection (Handout) (Handout) Bao Lam Huynh, UC Riverside
  Almond-Alfalfa Intercropping System (Handout) Sultan Begna and Lauren Hale, USDA ARS
10:00 am  Return from Field Tour  
10:10 am New Extension Advisors Introduction Nick Clark, UC ANR
10:20 am  Alfalfa Weed Management (Slides) Giuliano Galdi & Jorge Angeles UC ANR
10:40 am  Cotton IPM (Slides P1 Slides P2) Ian Grettenberger & Buddhi Achhami, UC Davis
11:00 am Brief: Small Grain and Alfalfa Weed Management (Slides) Nick Clark
11:05 am Break  
11:15 am Compost Application to Alfalfa (Slides) Michelle Leinfelder-Miles, UC ANR
11:35 am Byproducts Trends & Opportunities for the CA Dairy Industry (Slides)

Jennifer Heguy, UC ANR

11:55 am Lima & Garbanzo Breeding and Dry Bean Heat Stress Testing (Slides) (Slides)

Christine Diepenbrock, UC Davis

12:15 pm Lunch