2016 Alfalfa/Forages Field Day

Wed, May 11, 2016 @ 7:45am - 4:00pm

  • When?
    May 11, 2016
  • Where?
    UC Davis Agronomy Field Headquarters 2400 Hutchison Dr., Davis, CA 95616


View the agenda below, or click here:

8:15am - 12:00pm: Small Grains Field Day

7:45 Registration (no charge)  
8:15am  Welcome and Introductions Mark Lundy, UCCE/UCD Grain Specialist
8:20 Overview of wheat breeding Jorge Dubcovsky, UCD wheat breeder
8:35 Depart for field  
8:35am - 12pm Small Grains Field Tour  
  Promising malting barley varieties Alicia del Blanco, UC Davis
  Durum Wheat Varieties: new genes for grain yield Alicia del Blanco, UC Davis
  Promising common wheat releases Oswaldo Chicaiza, UC Davis
  Evaluation of high resistant starch wheat lines Andre Schönhofen, UC Davis
  QTL for increased number of spikelets Junli Zhang and Saarah Kuzay, UC Davis
  Discovering genes for drought tolerance Tyson Howell, UC Davis
  Combining two stripe rust resistance genes in a single locus Nicolas Cobo, UC Davis
  Mutants for stripe rust resistance Josh Hegarty, UC Davis
  Travel to forage trail  
  Small grain forage variety evaluation Cal Qualset & Lynn Gallagher, UC Davis
  Statewide Variety Development and Evaluation – Wheat, Triticale, and Barley Yields, Performance and Pest Resistance Mark Lundy & Phil Mayo, UC Davis
  Demonstration of in-field N monitoring & quicktests for improved precision of N fertilization Jessica Schweiger, UC Davis
  Late-planted heirloom varieties at different seeding rates Margaret Lloyd, UCCE
12:00pm Barbeque Lunch  
12:30 Beer Tasting  

12:45pm - 4:00pm: Alfalfa/Forages Field Day

12:35 Introductions Dan Putnam, UCCE/UCD Alfalfa Specialist
12:40 Welcome, Department of Plant Sciences Chris Van Kessel, Chair
12:50 Welcome from the Dean-Changes at UC Davis in Agriculture Dean Helene Dillard, Dean College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis.
1:00 Depart for field  
  Field Tour  
  Insect Management and Disappearing Options for Alfalfa Larry Godfrey, UC Davis and Rachael Long, UCCE
  Measuring Evapotranspiration (ET) in the Field Ali Montazar, Project Scientist, UC Davis
  Using ET to schedule irrigations – How to Daniele Zaccharia, Irrigation Specialist, UC Davis
  Sorghum Field Studies for Grain and Forage Crops Jeff Dalberg, Kearney Ag. Center, Fresno, CA
  Sharpen, a new weed management option for alfalfa Dawn Brunmeier, BASF and Mick Canevari, UCCE Emeritus, San Joaquin County
  Kura Clover, an alternative Clover for Pastures Dan Putnam, UC Davis
  Subsurface Drip Irrigation Studies on Spacing-What is the optimum spacing for alfalfa? Dan Putnam, Daniele Zaccaria, UC Davis
  Variety Performance Data for Managing Diseases, Insects, and Nematodes Dan Putnam, Chris DeBen, Craig Giannini, UC Davis
  Deficit Irrigation Strategies and interactions with Alfalfa Varieties James Radavich, Dan Putnam, Ali Montazar, UC Davis
  Monitoring subsoil moisture using watermark sensors  
  Controlling Gophers in Alfalfa Fields Roger Baldwin, UC Davis
  Breeding Alfalfa for California Scott Newell, Gitanshu Munjal, Charlie Brummer, UC Davis