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Biotechnology and Roundup Ready Alfalfa

Glyphosate-tolerant (GT) Alfalfa or Roundup-Ready Alfalfa (RRA) was approved for planting in the US in February, 2011. RRA is a genetically engineered variety of alfalfa, which can be used safely in combination with the herbicide 'glyphosate' (Roundup). RRA was originally deregulated and commercialized in 2005 but then a lawsuit in 2007 rescinded the deregulation, halting further plantings. The USDA-APHIS subsequently conducted an exhaustive Environmental Impact Statement from 2007-2011, and came to the conclusion that GT alfalfa did not present and direct or indirect plant pest risks. There are a range of varieties currently available for planting.Click here for a listing of UC alfalfa publications on biotechnology and related topics.

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Manures and Alfalfa

Learn about manures and integrating dairy manure water nutrient use with forage production in alfalfa.

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