2024 Alfalfa/Grains Field Day

Field Day 2024

Thurs, May 9, 2024 @ 7:30am - 1:30pm

  • When?
    May 9, 2024
  • Where?
    Department of Plant Sciences Field Facility, UC Davis
    2400 Hutchison Dr., Davis, CA 95616 
    38.5390, -121.7800


View the agenda below, or click here:

7:55Welcome and IntroductionsTimothy Blank
8:00Travel to stop 1 

Small Grain Breeding

8:20Barley and Oat variety development and plot toursAlicia del Blanco (UC Davis)
8:35Travel to stop 2 
8:40Overview of UC Davis small grains breeding programJorge Dubcovsky and Xiaofei Zhang (UC Davis)
8:50Semi-dwarfing genes, Rht25 and APL2Junli Zhang and Chaozhong Zhang (UC Davis)
9:00Reduced allergenicity wheatMaria Rottersman and Jorge Dubcovsky (UC Davis)
9:10UAV use for improved efficiency in selectionsJosh Hegarty (UC Davis)
9:15Travel to stop 3 
9:20Wheat, triticale, and barley variety evaluations and plot toursJosh Hegarty (UC Davis)

Small Grain Agronomy

9:50Traits associated with yield stable small grain varietiesJosh Hegarty and Mark Lundy (UC Davis/UCCE)
10:00Deficit irrigation and water productivity in small grainsMaya Shydlowski-Besmer and Mark Lundy (UC Davis/UCCE)
10:10Agronomic considerations for winter cover cropping in annual systemsSarah Light and Kosana Suvočarev (UCCE/UC Davis)
10:20Tillage and perenniality effects on crop productivity and soil healthKalyn Taylor and Mark Lundy (USDA/UC Davis/UCCE)
10:30Digestate and hydrolysate effects on forage and grain yield response to nitrogen fertilizer in small grainsValentina Roel Rezk and Cameron Pittelkow (UC Davis)
10:40Herbicide resistant common chickweed in SJV of CA: New findingsNicholas Clark (UCCE)
10:50Travel to stop 4 

Alfalfa Agronomy and Breeding

11:00Fall dormancy and protein extraction from alfalfa (handout)Dan Putnam and Chris DeBen (UC Davis/UCCE)
11:10UC alfalfa non-dormant breeding for the Central Valley, and Low Deserts (handout)Charlie Brummer and Cree King (UC Davis)
11:20The effect of almond shell mulch application on established alfalfa fieldsSarah Light (UCCE)
11:30Strategies for deficit irrigation in alfalfa (handout)Dan Putnam (UC Davis/UCCE)
11:40Irrigation Management & Soil Moisture Monitoring in Alfalfa (handout)Charles Janssen (UC Davis)
12:00 pmTravel to lunch 
12:15 - 1:30CCIA Sponsored Lunch 
12:30Acknowledgments and Remarks 
 UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences: Professor Daniel Potter 
 UC Agriculture and Natural Resources 
 CCIA: Directors Katy Soden and Timothy Blank 
 California Wheat Commission: Executive Director Claudia Carter