2018 Alfalfa/Forages Field Day

Thurs, May 17, 2018 @ 7:30am - 4:40pm

  • When?
    May 17, 2018
  • Where?
    UC Davis Agronomy Field Headquarters 2400 Hutchison Dr., Davis, CA 95616


View the agenda below, or click here:

8:00am - 12:00pm: Small Grains Field Day

7:30Registration (no charge) 
8:00am - 12pmSmall Grains Program 
8:00Welcome and IntroductionsMark Lundy, CE Grain Cropping Systems Specialist
8:05Plant Sciences Future DevelopmentsGail Taylor, Chair, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences
8:10California Wheat Commission remarksClaudia Carter, Executive Director
8:15California Crop Improvement Association remarksJohn Palmer, Executive Director
8:20Depart for field (travel to breeding trials) 
 Field Tour 
8:45 - 11:50Small grain breeding, variety evaluation and agronomic research 
8:45New wheat varieties with increased resistant starchJorge Dubcovsky, UC Davis
8:55New wheat releases “Central Red” and “Desert Gold”Jorge Dubcovsky, UC Davis
9:00Improving barley malting varieties and oatsAlicia del Blanco, UC Davis
9:10Organic wheat breeding and naked barleysAllison Krill-Brown, UC Davis
9:20Improving triticale for bread and forageJosh Hegarty, UC Davis
9:30Genetic regulation of wheat grain numberSarah Kuzay, UC Davis
9:40Genetic regulation of grain size and its effects on qualityAlejandra Alvarez, UC Davis
9:50Travel to agronomic and variety testing trials 
10:10Nitrogen management in malting barleyTaylor Nelsen, UC Davis
10:20Herbicide management demonstration trial in wheatMariano Galla, UCCE
10:30Strategies for reducing mice damage in SDI systems during small grain crop rotationsKonrad Mathesius, UCCE
10:40Updates on statewide small grain research and extension efforts, with comments on variety performance, pests and diseases, nitrogen management, and extension toolsMark Lundy and Nicholas George, UCCE/UC Davis
11:05New wheat entries in Regional trialsOswaldo Chicaiza, UC Davis
11:15Comments from breeders with entries in UC Regional trials 
11:30Trial observations 
11:50Return for lunch 
12:00Barbeque Lunch 

12:30pm - 4:30pm: Alfalfa/Forages Field Day

12:00Barbeque Lunch 
12:30pmWelcome and IntroductionsDan Putnam, UCCE/UCD Alfalfa Specialist
12:35Statewide Nitrogen Management SurveyJessica Rudnick, UC Davis
 Field Tour: 
12:50Irrigating to Control SalinityMichelle Leinfelder-Miles, UCCE, Stockton, CA
1:05Alternative Crops: Kura Clover and Switchgrass StudiesDan Putnam, UC Davis
1:20Reduced Lignin Alfalfa Interactions with Harvest SchedulingBrenda Perez, Graduate Student, UC Davis
1:35Seedling Weed Management in AlfalfaMariano Galla, UCCE Advisor, Orland, CA
1:50Alfalfa Weevil Studies and IPM Approaches to Weevil ControlRachael Long, UCCE
2:05Estimating the P and K Requirements of AlfalfaDaniel Geisseler, Department of Land Air and Water Resources, UC Davis
2:20Breeding Tall Fescue for Quality and Summer Dormancy and Objectives of the UC Davis Alfalfa Breeding EffortCharlie Brummer, Professor and Director, UC Davis Plant Breeding Center, UC Davis
2:35Small Grain Forage StudiesCal Qualset, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis
2:50Fun with Drones: Monitoring Alfalfa for Growth, Pests, and Water UseUmair Gull, Graduate Student, UC Davis
3:05What is the Interaction between Irrigation Deficits and Varieties?James Radawich, Graduate Student, UC Davis
3:20Weed Identification Contest – Test your Weed IQ!Lynn Sosnoskie, UCCE Advisor, Merced County, Merced, CA
3:40Choosing Alfalfa Varieties for Maximizing Pest Resistance and Yield - Importance of Multiple Year Trials and Pest RatingsDan Putnam, UC Davis
4:00Importance of Owls and Birds for Alfalfa Pest ManagementSara Kross, California State University, Sacramento, CA
4:15An IPM Approach to gopher management in AlfalfaRoger Baldwin, UC Vertebrate Pest Specialist, UC Davis
4:40Return to Base