2017 Alfalfa/Forages Field Day

Thurs, May 11, 2017 @ 7:45am - 4:20pm

  • When?
    May 11, 2017
  • Where?
    UC Davis Agronomy Field Headquarters 2400 Hutchison Dr., Davis, CA 95616


View the agenda below, or click here:

8:15am - 12:00pm: Small Grains Program

7:45 Registration (no charge)  
8:15am Welcome and Introductions Mark Lundy, CE Grain Cropping Systems Specialist
8:20 Overview of wheat breeding Jorge Dubcovsky, UC Davis wheat breeder
8:25 California Wheat Commission remarks Claudia Carter, Executive Director
8:30 California Crop Improvement Association remarks John Palmer, Executive Director
8:35 Depart for field  
  Field Tour  
9:00 - 11:30 Small grain variety evaluations, breeding, and management research  
9:00 Common Wheat, Durum and Triticale variety evaluations: productivity and disease resistance Mark Lundy and Nicholas George, UCCE/UCDavis
9:30 Barley breeding update Alicia del Blanco, UC Davis
9:45 Wheat breeding update Oswaldo Chicaiza, UC Davis
10:00 Common wheat lines with increased resistant starch, positive and negative effects on agronomic traits André Schönhofen, UC Davis
10:15 Triticale breeding for breadmaking quality Josh Hegarty, UC Davis
10:30 Root differences favoring flooding and drought tolerance Tyson Howell, UC Davis
10:45 Research progress in grain yield components Alejandra Alvarez/Junli Zhang, UC Davis
11:00 Barley & Common Collaborative variety evaluations: productivity and disease resistance Mark Lundy and Nicholas George, UCCE/UC Davis
11:10 Malting barley market prospects Konrad Mathesius, UCCE Sacramento Valley Agronomy Advisor
11:15 Research update: Nitrogen management for productive & high quality malting barley Taylor Nelsen, UC Davis
11:25  Seeding rates in grain sorghum Michelle Leinfelder-Miles, UCCE Delta Farm Advisor
11:35 Return for lunch  
12:00 Barbeque Lunch  

12:30pm - 4:30pm: Alfalfa/Forages Program

12:00 Barbeque Lunch  
12:30pm Welcome and Introductions Dan Putnam, UCCE/UCD Alfalfa Specialist
12:35 Appreciation for the Field Station Staff Brad Hanson & Ted Dejong, UCCE/UC Davis
12:45 Key Activities for California Alfalfa & Forage Association Jane Townsend, CAFA, Sacramento, CA
  Field Tour  
1:05 Near-loss of Chlorpyrifos (Lorsban) – The story isn't over yet: pay attention to stewardship in alfalfa IPM! Pete Goodell, UC IPM Program, Kearney Ag Center, Parlier, CA
1:20 Implementing IPM in Alfalfa Production for insects, weeds and diseases Rachael Long & Larry Godfrey, UCCE Yolo-Solano-Sacramento Counties, Woodland, CA
1:35 Alfalfa Blogs- Electronic Communications on Pest Management of Interest to you! Michelle Leinfelder-Miles, UCCE, Delta Region, CA
1:40 Developing cropping systems to maximize protein from alfalfa for human consumption Dan Putnam, UC Davis, Davis, CA
2:05 Identifying the Bad Guys—Identifying Weeds Common in Sacramento Valley & What strategies makes sense Q&A Brad Hanson, Weed Specialist, UC Davis
2:20 Poisonous weeds in alfalfa – Nitrates, alkaloids and tannins: What are the keyones that affect animals? Birgit Puschner, UC Veterinary College, UC Davis
2:35 Estimating the true water needs of alfalfa and using ET to schedule Irrigations Daniele Zaccaria, Irrigation Specialist, UC Davis, CA
2:50 Kura Clover – Introduction of a new crop – the importance of being patient Dan Putnam, UC Forage Specialist, UC Davis, CA
2:55 Switchgrass Plantings for Biofuels Dan Putnam, UC Davis
3:00 Choosing Alfalfa Varieties for Maximizing Pest Resistance and Yield Dan Putnam, UC Davis
3:15 Low Lignin Alfalfa – A New Technology coming along - Current and Future UC Experiments Brenda Perez, UC Graduate Student, UC Davis
3:30  Drip Irrigation Studies in Alfalfa Ali Montazar, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
3:45  Breeding and Evaluation of Fall Dormancy in Alfalfa Charlie Brummer, UC Davis
4:00 Deficit Irrigation of Alfalfa and Interactions with varieties James Radawich, Graduate Student, UC Davis​​​​​​​
4:20 Return to Base