2015 Annual Alfalfa and Forage Field Day

Fri, Sep 18, 2015 @ 7:30am - 1:00pm

  • When?
    September 18, 2015
  • Where?
    Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center; 9240 South Riverbend Avenue; Parlier, CA 93648


View the agenda below, or click here:

7:30 AM Registration  
8:00 Tram leaves for Field Tour  
  Alfalfa Varieties (Handout) Dan Putnam, Alfalfa and Forage Specialist, UC Davis
  Forage and Grain Sorghum Evaluations (Handout) Jeff Dahlberg, Director, Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Parlier, CA
  Irrigation Management Research Bob Hutmacher, CE Specialist, Westside Research and Extension Center, Five Points, CA
9:15-9:45 Trams return to building for Break followed by classroom presentations  
9:45 Characterizing the Nitrogen Benefit of Alfalfa-Wheat Rotations (Slides) Eric Lin, Graduate Student, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
10:00 Alfalfa Weed Control Research Update (Slides) (Handout) Kurt Hembree, Farm Advisor, UCCE, Fresno County
10:20 How Much Water Does Alfalfa Really Need? What is ET? (Slides) Daniele Zaccaria, LAWR, UC Davis
10:40 Strategies for Managing Limited Water Supplies (Slides) Blake Sanden, Farm Advisor, UCCE, Kern County
10:55 Chlorpyrifos and IPM Workshop Lori Berger and Pete Goodell, Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Parlier, CA
12:30 PM Lunch and Hands on Demonstrations