2013 Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium

2013 Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium

December 11-13, 2013 • Reno, NV

Quick Summary

  • The 2013 Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium, sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Services of AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY, was held in Reno, Nevada.
  • The conference covered all aspects of forage production with alfalfa and other hay crops. It included silage making, economics, irrigation, forage quality, and pest management.

Thursday, December 12

Main Sessions

Economics and Industry Trends

8:10 Hay Market Situation in Western States Seth Hoyt, The Hoyt Report, Ione, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

8:35 National and Regional Dairy Trends and Impacts of Feed Prices Robert Hagevoort, New Mexico State University, Clovis, NM Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

9:00 Hay Exports and Dynamics of a World Hay Market Bill Matthews, University of California, Davis, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

9:25 Long Term Trends and the Future of the Alfalfa & Forage Industry Mike Ottman, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

9:50 Discussion Seth Hoyt, Robert Hagevoort, Bill Matthews, Mike Ottman Video

Water and Environment Issues

10:30 Climate Changes, Drought, and Potential Irrigation Challenges for Alfalfa Justin Huntington, Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV Video

10:55 New Salinity Tolerant Alfalfa Don Miller, Producer's Choice Seeds, Nampa, ID Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

11:15 Greenhouse and Field Screening for Salinity Tolerance Peter Reisen, Forage Genetics International, Nampa, ID Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

11:25 DNA Marker Assisted Breeding to Develop alfalfa Varieties for a Water-Challenged Future Ian Ray, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM Video Paper (PDF)

11:35 Alfalfa Variety Selection for Limited Irrigation Dan Gardner, S&W Seeds, Five Points, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

11:45 Discussion Justin Huntington, Don Miller, Peter Reisen, Ian Ray, Dan Gardner Video

Breakout Session I Mini-Symposium: Corn, Sorghum and the Art of Silage Making

1:30 Crops, Fundamentals and Management of Silage in the Western U.S. Steve Fransen, University of Washington, Prosser, WA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

1:50 Corn Silage: What are the Key Harvest Practices for Reducing Losses? Noelia Silva-del Rio, University of California Veterinary Medicine Teaching & Research Center, Tulare, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

2:10 Spider Mite in Silage Corn: Damage and Management Carol Frate, University of California Cooperative Extension, Tulare, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

2:30 Center Pivot Irrigation for Corn Water Management and System Design Considerations Steve Hines, University of Idaho, Twin Falls, ID Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

2:50 Discussion (Part 1) Steve Fransen, Noelia Silva-del Rio, Jennifer Heguy, Carol Frate, and Steve Hines Video

3:30 Management of Manures in Corn or Sorghum Robert Flynn, New Mexico State University, Artesia, NM Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

3:50 Opportunities and Management of Sorghum as a Bioenergy Crop Brent Bean, NextSteppe, Inc., Hereford, TX Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

4:10 Evaluating Variety Choices and Novel Genes for Forage Sorghums in California Jeff Dahlberg, UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Parlier, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

4:30 Using Grain and Forage Sorghum in Dairy Rations in an Environment of Limited Water Resources Steve Martin, Dairy Nutrition and Management Consulting, LLC, Fort Collins, CO Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

4:50 Discussion (Part 2) Robert Flynn, Brent Bean, Jeff Dahlberg, and Steve Martin Video

Breakout Session II Pest Management in Alfalfa

1:30 An Update on Tools for Effective Management of Pocket Gophers in Alfalfa Roger Baldwin, University of California, Davis, CA Paper (PDF)

1:50 Diseases and Nematodes in Alfalfa — What are your Options? Don Miller, Producer’s Choice Seed, Nampa, ID Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

2:10 Weed Management Strategies in Alfalfa Earl Creech, Utah State University, Logan, UT Slides (PDF)

2:30 Insect Pest Management Issues in Alfalfa: Challenges and Questions Larry Godfrey, University of California, Davis, CA Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

2:50 Discussion Roger Baldwin, Don Miller, Earl Creech, Larry Godfrey

Breakout Session III Production of Miscellaneous Forages

1:30 Nitrogen Fertility of Grass Forages Versus Interseeded Legumes Joe Brummer, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO Slides (PDF)

1:50 Dual Purpose Cover Crops: Forage and Green Manure Christi Falen, University of Idaho, Shoshone, ID Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

2:10 Evaluation of Brassicas for Fall Forage Luis Villalobos, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

2:30 Fenugreek has Potential to Use as a Forage Crop Anowarul Islam, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

2:50 Discussion Joe Brummer, Christi Falen, Luis Villalobos, Anowarul Islam

Friday, December 13

Main Sessions

Producing a Quality Hay Product

8:00 What is the Ideal Hay for Horses? Laurie Lawrence, Professor of Equine Nutrition, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

8:25 Strategies for Preventing Hay Fires Glenn Shewmaker, University of Idaho, Twin Falls, ID Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

8:50 Hay Harvesting Equipment and Harvest Strategies for Quality Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

9:15 Standardizing Forage Quality and Testing Across Markets Dan Putnam, University of California, Davis, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

9:40 Discussion Laurie Lawrence, Glenn Shewmaker, Dan Undersander, Dan Putnam Video

Diagnosing and Improving Alfalfa Production

10:20 Poisonous Plants That Contaminate Hay and Forages in the Western United States Bryan Stegelmeier, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Logan, UT Video Q&A Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

10:45 Irrigation Water Management Options for Alfalfa Larry Schwankl, University of California, Parlier, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

11:10 Diagnostic Problems in the Field Steve Orloff, University of California Cooperative Extension, Yreka, CA Video Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF)

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