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Reducing Costs in a Down Year: Where to Cut and Where Not to Cut?
Steve Orloff, Daniel H. Putnam
2016, 46th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Key Practices for Alfalfa Stand Establishment
Dan Putnam, Shannon Mueller,Carol Frate,Mick Canevari, Steve Orloff
2012, 42nd California Alfalfa & Grains Symposium
Reducing Inputs to Improve Profits: Good or Bad Idea?
Steve Orloff and Dan Putnam
2009, 39th Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference
Irrigation Management for Alfalfa Hay Production on Beds
Dean Currie, Bob Schettler
2008, 38th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium and Western Alfalfa Seed Conference
Roundup-Ready Alfalfa For Stand Establishment And Special Weed Issues
Mick Canevari, Tom Lanini And Steve Orloff
2006, 36th Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Controlling Weeds In Grass Hay Or Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures
Rob Wilson And Steve Orloff
2006, 36th Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Considerations For Successful Alfalfa Stand Establishment In The Central San Joaquin Valley
Shannon C. Mueller
2005, 35th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Stand Establishment – Roundup And Other Herbicides – How Do They Fit?
Mick Canevari, Steve Orloff, Ron Vargas, Kurt Humbre
2005, 35th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
New Herbicide Tools In Alfalfa Stand Establishment
W. Mick Canevari
2002, 32nd Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference
Maximizing Corn Stand Establishment And Growth
Roger Vinande, Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’L, Modesto
2001, 31st California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Establishing Excellent Stands In Early Fall Using Flood Or Sprinkler Irrigation
Campbell, M. And C. Frate
1995, 25th California Alfalfa Symposium
Grower Experiences With Stand Establishment
Bennett, J., W. Krell, And T. Ellis.
1994, 24th California Alfalfa Symposium
What It Takes To Grow Timothy
Lancaster, D.
1993, 23rd California Alfalfa Symposium
Significance Of Seedling Diseases In Stand Establishment
1984, 14th California Alfalfa Symposium
Does Alfalfa Following Alfalfa Affect Seedling Growth?
Jensen, Hartman
1981, 11th California Alfalfa Symposium
Alfalfa, Time Of Planting
Schoner, Knipe, Autio
1979, 9th California Alfalfa Symposium
Sprinkler Germination Of Alfalfa With Saline Water
1977, 7th California Alfalfa Symposium