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Controlling Alfalfa Weevil - Efficacy, Thresholds, and Future Needs
Rachael Long, Thomas Getts, Kevin Goding, Nicole Stevens, Nick Clark, Dan Putnam, Ayman Mostafa
2017, 47th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Alfalfa Integrated Pest Management
Vonny M. Barlow, Rachael F. Long
2015, 45th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Management Options for Blue Alfalfa Aphids in California Alfalfa
Larry Godfrey, Steve Orloff, Eric Natwick, Rachael Long
2015, 45th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Blue Alfalfa Aphid: Old Pest With New Management Challenges
Eric Natwick, Vonny Barrlow, Larry Godfrey, Peter Goodell, and Rachael Long
2014, 44th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Insect Pest Management Issues in Alfalfa -- Challenges and Questions
Larry Godfrey, Peter Goodell, Vonny Barlow, Eric Natwick, and Rachael Long
2013, 43rd Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Alfalfa Insect Management in the Southwestern United States
Eric T. Natwick, M. Lopez
2011, 41st Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Evaluating the Value of Field Crops an Enviromental Balance Sheet for Alfalfa
Dan Putnam
2010, 40th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Conventional and Organic Methods for Insect Pest Management in Alfalfa
Rachael Long, Charles Summers, and Larry Godfrey
2009, 39th Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference
Insect Pest Management In Alfalfa: Weevils, Aphids And Worms
Michael D. Rethwisch
2006, 36th Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Will The Public Recognize The Environmental Benefits Of Alfalfa?
Dan Putnam
2004, 34th California Alfalfa Symposium and 2004 National Alfalfa Symposium
Mitigating Water Quality Concerns: How The Alfalfa Industry Might Respond
Dan Putnam
2003, 33rd California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Management Of Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil And Protection Of Yields With Selected Insecticides
Larry D. Godfrey, Dan Putnam
2002, 32nd Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference
Preventing The Off-Site Movement Of Pesticides In Alfalfa
Dan Putnam, University Of California, Davis
2001, 31st California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Weevils And Worms - New Product Update And Integrated Management
Godfrey, L.D.
1997, 27th California Alfalfa Symposium
New Tools For Insect Pest Management In Alfalfa Hay
Godfrey, L. M. Canevari, R. Long
1995, 25th California Alfalfa Symposium
Integrated Pest Management Of Insect Pests In Alfalfa Hay
Godfrey, L., R. Long, And C. Pickel.
1994, 24th California Alfalfa Symposium
The Role Of Selective Insecticides In Alfalfa Pest Management
Quick, T.C.
1993, 23rd California Alfalfa Symposium
Alfalfa Irrigation Practices And Cultivar Selection For Sweetpotato Whitefly Management
Natwick, E.T., F. Robinson, C.E. Bell.
1992, 22nd California/Arizona Alfalfa Symposium
Alfalfa Aphid And Leafhopper Management For The Low Deserts
1987, 17th California/Arizona Alfalfa Symposium
Pest Management Decision Making
Orloff, Hays, Shields, Mcwane, Pate
1987, 17th California/Arizona Alfalfa Symposium
Weevil And Worm Management For Low Desert Alfalfa Production
1987, 17th California/Arizona Alfalfa Symposium
Integrated Pest Management - Alfalfa Hay
1979, 9th California Alfalfa Symposium
Optimizing Alfalfa Production In Desert Areas Of The Southwestern United States
1973, 3rd California & Arizona Low Desert Alfalfa Symposium