2018 Second World Alfalfa Congress Proceedings

Oral Presentations Author(s)
Advances of alfalfa breeding for thrips resistance in China [Download PDF] Shi, F.L.*, Yun, l. Wang G.H., Zhang Z.Q., Temuerbuhe
Alfalfa improvement in China [Download PDF] Lu, X
Alfalfa breeding for intercropping and grazing tolerance [Download PDF] Julier, B., Annicchiarico, P., Barre, P., Louarn, G., Pecetti, L.
Alfalfa dwarf disease, a viral complex affecting alfalfa crop in Argentina [Download PDF] Trucco, V.V., Bejerman, N.
Response of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) forage yield to fertilization with nano-particle technology [Download PDF] Alvarez, C., Odorizzi, A.S., Arolfo V., Basigalup, D.H.
Effects of different levels of alfalfa meal on production performance of sows and pork quality of finishing pigs [Download PDF] Béguier V., Guillemot E., Julier B.
Alfalfa forage quality breeding in France: 30 years of common efforts from seed industry, dehydratation industry and public research [Download PDF] Wang, C.Z. Shi,Y.H
Alfalfa and its potential in the Argentine dairy systems [Download PDF] Comeron, E.A, Tieri, M.P., Charlon, V
Promoting the use of alfalfa in the production systems of the Punjab province in Pakistan [Download PDF] Shakil, Q.
Alfalfa situation in the USA and Canada [Download PDF] Gardner, D*.; Putnam, D. H.
Breeding and field management of alfalfa in climatic conditions of Pakistan [Download PDF] Mahmood, A
Breeding alfalfa for cold tolerance in Canada [Download PDF] Bertrand, A.*, Claessens, A., Rocher, S.
Produce for any market: coexistence of genetically-engineered and conventional alfalfa hay [Download PDF] Putnam, D. H.
Deficit irrigation strategies: why alfalfa is the best crop to have in a drought [Download PDF] Putnam, D.H., Gull, U., Radawich, J., Montazar, A. and Bali, K
Developing a package of data required for de-regulation of a GE traits [Download PDF] Lema, M.A
Overview of the economic utilization and traits of interest of lucerne in Australia [Download PDF] Humphries, A.W.; Stewart, A.G.; Newman, A.J.; Ballard R.A.
Field management for grazing/drought tolerance [Download PDF] Butler, T.J., Interrante, S.M., and Biermacher, J.T.
GE lignin modification in alfalfa [Download PDF] Temple, S. J. and Dixon, R. A.
Genetic mapping of resistance to Aphanomyces root rot in alfalfa [Download PDF] Samac, D.A.*, Dornbusch, M. R., Bucciarelli, B., Miller, S. S. and Yu, L.-X.
Genome-enabled and phenotypic selection of alfalfa for widely-diversified cropping environments [Download PDF] Annicchiarico, P.*, Nazzicari, N., Bouizgaren, A
Use of GE traits for improvement of forage quality in alfalfa [Download PDF] McCaslin, M.H.
Global climate change and pests of alfalfa: problems and solutions [Download PDF] Johnson, S.N
Ideal alfalfa variety - discussion on the breeding direction of alfalfa in China [Download PDF] Shao, J.
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is more tolerant to salinity than guidelines indicate: Implications of field and greenhouse studies [Download PDF] Benes, S.E., G. Galdi, R.B. Hutmacher, S.R. Grattan, I. Chahal, and D.H. Putnam
Introgression of alfalfa crop wild relatives for climate change adaptation [Download PDF] Humphries, A., Ovalle, C.
Irrigation research on yield and quality in China [Download PDF] Yan, H., Li, M., Wang, Y
Modification of endogenous genes by GE and gene editing techniques [Download PDF] Wang, Zengyu; Watura, Tezera
Modification of rate and extent of fiber digestibility in alfalfa [Download PDF] Reich, J.M.
Maximizing the nitrogen fixation and minimizing the nitrous oxide emissions in alfalfa production using natural inoculants [Download PDF] Ayub, N.D
A very non-dormant alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) with high multifoliolate expression. [Download PDF] Odorizzi, A.S., Arolfo V. and Basigalup, D
An overview of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) situation in Argentina [Download PDF] Basigalup, D.*, Giletta, M., Odorizzi, A
Role of perennial crops and legumes to the sustainable intensification of agriculture [Download PDF] Tittonell, P.
New services from perennial legumes in agroecological farming systems [Download PDF] Christian Huyghe, Philippe Gate
Predicament and outlet of alfalfa production under water sources scarcity in China [Download PDF] Hou, X* Gao, X
Research priorities and future of alfalfa in Latin America [Download PDF] Vilela, D.*; Basigalup, D.H.
Response of alfalfa to climate change [Download PDF] Jégo, G., Bélanger, G., Bertrand, A., Thivierge, M.-N.
Restating the role of Alfalfa Integrated Pest Management in Argentina [Download PDF] Frana, Jorge; Marcia Trossero; Fernando Fava; Eduardo Trumper
Spanish dehydrated alfalfa, a different way to produce alfalfa [Download PDF] Tabuenca F.
Supply and demand of alfalfa in China [Download PDF] Guixia, Q.
Technological innovations to improve water management in alfalfa and forage crops [Download PDF] Evett, S.R.*, O’Shaughnessy, S.A
Transgenic alfalfa tolerant to herbicides, from lab to field [Download PDF] Soto, G.C
Water footprint of alfalfa hay production in Córdoba, Argentina [Download PDF] Bongiovanni, R.G., Anschau, R.A.
World trends in alfalfa hay market [Download PDF] Putnam, D. H*., Mathews, W. A., Hanon, T. M., Sumner, D. A.
Poster Presentations Author(s)
The productivity of alfalfa accessions in contrasting environments in Kazakhstan Download PDF Meiіrman, G., Humphries, A.
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) coumestrol phytoestrogen content in response to genotypes, cultivar and viral disease Download PDF Silva, M., Chiacchiera, S.
Response of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) forage yield to fertilization with nano-particle technology Download PDF Alvarez, C.*, Odorizzi, A.S
Proposal for an alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) hay quality classification system in Argentina Download PDF Urrets Zavalia, G., Juan, N.A.
Evaluation of different fall dormancy varieties of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in southernChilean Patagonia Download PDF Ivelic-Sáez, J., Humphries, A.
Use of artificial neural networks in an alfalfa (Medicago sativa) breeding program Download PDF Santos, I., Cruz, C
The Alfalfa (Medicago sativ L.) Breeder’s Toolbox integrates genomics to advance breeding applications Download PDF Monteros, MJ, He, C
Use of Canopeo to determine light interception and yield of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) crops Download PDF Jáuregui, J.M., Delbino, F.
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L) fertilization with “CANPHOS” in the south of Santa Fe, Argentina Download PDF Carrara L., Paulinovich R.
Digestible dry matter and crude protein of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) and double annual forage crops under irrigation condition in North Patagonia Download PDF Colabelli, M.R, Malaspina, M.
Downregulation of FLOWERING LOCUS T genes in Medicago sativa leads to delayed flowering and increased yield Download PDF Lorenzo, C. D(*), Garcia, G. P.
Evaluation of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) genetic resources of Epagri - Experimental Station of Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil Download PDF Rocha, D.J.A., Dalla Costa, M.
Forage production of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) with different densities of sowing under irrigation in the North Patagonia Download PDF Gallego, J.J., Neira Zilli, F.
Identification of genetic loci associated with resistance to drought and high salinity in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) using genome-wide sequencing and association mapping Download PDF Long-Xi Yu, Charles Hawkins, Xiang-Ping Liu
Research in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) – grass mixtures in grazing systems for contrasting environments Download PDF Jauregui, R.N., Garro, L.D, Sciarretta, F., Heinrich, N. and Andregnette, D.
Improving alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cultivar selection by GIS Mapping of fall dormancy and winter survival index classes and modeling seasonal and annual yield Download PDF Hannaway, D., He, F., Moot
Is alfalfa a pasture option in dryland livestock systems in Mediterranean Chile? Download PDF Ovalle, C., Barahona, V.
Summary of liveweight gains and rotational grazing methods used for sheep grazing alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in New Zealand Download PDF Moot, D.J., Mills, A., Smith, M., Anderson, D., Anderson L
The establishment of Medicago sativa L. with Hordeum vulgare L. as a cover crop Download PDF Cupina, B., Vujic, S., Jacimovic, G., Verdi, L., Lalic, B.
Seasonality and forage accumulation in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and tall fescue (Schedonorus arundinaceus) pure pastures and its mixtures Download PDF Mattera, J., Bertín, O., Pacente, E.
Modelling alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) phenological development Download PDF Yang, X.; Brown, H.; Teixeira, E. ; Ta, H.; Moot, D., Hannaway, D.
Neighbors and defoliation frequencies impact on forage quality Download PDF Cadaviz, N., Gatti, M.L., Millapán L., and Rossi J.L
Nitrogen status of alfalfa pastures (Medicago sativa L.) in the north of humid Pampa Download PDF Bertín, O., Mattera, J., Camarasa, J., Pacente, E., Barletta, P.
Optimization of alfalfa crop through forage mixtures in the Southern Patagonia of Chile Download PDF Ivelic-Sáez, J., 1Valenzuela, J., Suarez, A
Water use efficiency in pasture-crop rotation of intensified livestock systems in the semiarid pampa region of Argentina Download PDF Oderiz, J., Fernández, R., Frasier, I., Scherger, E., Uhaldegaray, M., Quiroga, A
Development, implementation and extension of technologies to increase pasture production and consumption in Argentina. Vision from GENTOS Seed Company Download PDF Jauregui, R.N., Andregnette, D., Amadeo, J.J. and Gonzalez Bonorino, J.
The establishment of alfalfa with field pea-oat mixture as a cover crop Download PDF Krstic, Dj., Vujic, S., Firanj, A., Danicic, M., Orlandini, S.
Physiological and biochemical responses of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) to salinity stress Download PDF Cornacchione, M.V., Ferreira, J.F.S., Liu, X., Suarez2, D.L.
Physiological and productivity trait estimation in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) from VIS-NIR reflectance data Download PDF Garriga, M., Ovalle, C., Barahona, V
Effects of potassium, cultivar, and harvest time on sustainable alfalfa production Download PDF Islam, M.A., Baidoo, M., Brummer, J., and Min, D.
Role of private sector in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) production and promotion in Punjab, Pakistan Download PDF Hussain, F.
Effect of different cutting frequencies on the production of Medicago sativa L. under irrigation in La Pampa, Argentina Download PDF Zamora, C.D; Sartor, P.; Fontanella. D.; Babinec F.J,; Aumassanne, C.; Masseroni, M.L.
Productive behavior of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in Argentina different regions: cultivars evaluation networks Download PDF Gallego, J.; Miñón, D.; Spada, M
Pursuing alfalfa’s (Medicago sativa L.) potential yield in the northern Pampas Download PDF Berhongaray, G., Demarchi, E.
RGB-images derived vegetation indices for estimating alfalfa dry matter production in rainfed Mediterranean environments Download PDF Inostroza, L., Espinoza, S.,
RGB-images derived vegetation indices for estimating alfalfa dry matter production in rainfed Mediterranean environments Download PDF Cornacchione, M.V.1*, Odorizzi, A.
Seed production mechanisms in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)populations Download PDF Kuhn, N.V., Fontana, L.M.C.
Sheep liveweight production from dryland alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) and alfalfa/grass mixes over five years Download PDF Mills, A., Smith, M., Moot, D.J.*
Shoot and root biomass of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) were affected by sowing dates and inoculation treatments Download PDF Jáuregui, J.M., Mills, A., Black, D.B.S., Wigley, K., Ridgway, H., Moot, D.J.
Overexpression of TERMINAL FLOWER 1 (TFL1) genes in Medicago sativa leads to delayed flowering and modified plant architecture Download PDF Garcia, G. P (*), Lorenzo, C. D., Antonietti M. S., Dezar, C.A.A, Cerdan P.D.
Tetraploid annual medics (Medicago truncatula) offer improved growth rates for climate change adaptation in Mediterranean environments Download PDF Innes, L., Dundas, I., Peck, D. , Denton, M., Humphries, A.,
Effect of a thermal time grazing management system on productivity and persistence of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) of contrasting fall dormancy groups Download PDF Jauregui, R.N.*, Sciarretta, F.
Water table depth: threat or opportunity for alfalfa crops? Download PDF Berhongaray, G, Basanta, M., Romero, L., Jáuregui, J.M.
Managing the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System’s temperate-adapted forage legume genetic resources Download PDF Irish, B. and Hu, J.
Wide area evaluation of yield and forage nutritive value of a reduced lignin alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cultivar Download PDF Parker A.M., Sulc, R.M.
Yield gap analysis of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) in the Argentinian Pampas Download PDF Jáuregui, J.M., Ojeda, J.J.