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Planted Locations
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Agronomy Progress Reports:
These publications detail alfalfa yield trial data for single harvest, single year, and multi-year summaries for each year. Usually, both conventional and Roundup-Ready (RR) lines are tested. Yield trials are conducted in five regions in California: the Intermountain area, the Sacramento Valley, the Westside Research Station, the San Joaquin Valley, and the Low Desert (see image above).
UC Davis Variety Trials
UC Davis Non-dormant Alfalfa Variety (planted 1998)
Final Summary:
No XLS FileNo PDF File1998 - 1999 UC Davis Non-dormant multi-year summary
Multi-year and Single-year Data:
No XLS FileNo PDF File1999 UC Davis Non-dormant single-year data
No XLS FileNo PDF File1998 UC Davis Non-dormant single-year data