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Planted Locations
Scott Valley Tulelake UC Davis Modesto Parlier Five Points Blythe El Centro Lancaster
Agronomy Progress Reports:
These publications detail alfalfa yield trial data for single harvest, single year, and multi-year summaries for each year. Usually, both conventional and Roundup-Ready (RR) lines are tested. Yield trials are conducted in five regions in California: the Intermountain area, the Sacramento Valley, the Westside Research Station, the San Joaquin Valley, and the Low Desert (see image above).
El Centro Variety Trials
El Centro Cultivar Alfalfa Variety (planted 2003)
Final Summary:
XLS FilePDF File2003 - 2005 El Centro Cultivar multi-year summary
Multi-year and Single-year Data:
XLS FilePDF File2005 El Centro Cultivar single-year data
XLS FilePDF File2004 El Centro Cultivar single-year data