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Stand Establishment
Small Grains Seedbed Preparation and Residue Management(2012)
California Alfalfa & Grains Symposium (2012)
Kent L Brittan
Key Practices for Alfalfa Stand Establishment (2012)
California Alfalfa & Grains Symposium (2012)
Dan Putnam
Choosing Appropriate Sites for Alfalfa Production (2008)
Start by choosing a site for your alfalfa stand.
Irrigated Alfalfa Manual
Steve B. Orloff
Alfalfa Growth and Development (2008)
Monitoring the growth and development of your new stand.
Irrigated Alfalfa Manual
Shannon C. Mueller, Larry R. Teuber
Alfalfa Stand Establishment (2008)
Time spent planning and preparing for stand establishment pays off.
Irrigated Alfalfa Manual
Shannon C. Mueller, Carol A. Frate, Marsha Campbell Mathews
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