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Forage Challenge!

The purpose of the World Ag Expo Forage Challenge is to recognize high-quality forage producing, and to encourage the awareness of quality in growing as well as dairy production. The 2012 contest was open to samples harvested in 2011, and comprises of three categories to enter in: Alfafa Hay, Standard Corn Silage, and Brown Midrib Corn Silage. The samples had to be harvested from a regular forage production field. The samples were then shipped and judged based off criteria such as ash, dry matter, crude protein, acid detergent fiber, etc. The winners were announced on February 14, 2012, and the results can be seen below. This event was sponsored by Mycogen Seeds and Lallamand Animal Nutrition provided the cash prizes totalling $18,000.

World AG Expo Forage Challenge Page

2012 Form and Rules

This Year's Results
Award Pictures

The awards were presented by Eric Sitzman(left) of Mycogen Seeds and Bob Charley(right) of Lallamand Animal Nutrition.

Alfalfa Hay: 1st Phil Troost, 2nd Greg Nunes, 3rd David Hinman

Corn Silage: 1st Kelly Callahan, 2nd Rob Van Grouw, 3rd Bert Weststeyn

BMR Corn Silage: 1st Leo VanWarmerdam, 2nd Mike Barcellos, 3rd Rich Callahan

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