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Daniel H. Putnam, Ph.D. Photo
  • Daniel H. Putnam, Ph.D.
  • Program Leader-Agricultural Productivity (Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources)
Location:Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis
Phone:(530) 752-8982
Fax:(530) 752-4361
Specialties:Extension Specialist, Alfalfa and forage crops systems, forage quality and utilization, alternative field crops, cellulosic energy crops switchgrass, miscanthus crop ecology
  • Arthur L. Craigmill, Ph.D.
  • Cooperative Extension Specialist
Location:Environmental Toxicology, University of California, Davis
Phone:(530) 752-2936
Fax:(530) 752-3394
Specialties:Human, veterinary environmental toxicology field laboratory research on pesticide biodegradation pharmacokinetics of chemical residues in livestock
Edward J. DePeters Photo
  • Edward J. DePeters
  • Professor
Location:Animal Science, University of California, Davis
Phone:(530) 752-1263
Fax:(530) 752-0175
Specialties:Ruminant nutrition of dairy cattle mammary gland synthesis of milk protein and fat nutrient digestion, absorption, and metabolism evaluation of byproduct feedstuffs and forage quality
  • Blaine R. Hanson
  • Cooperative Extension Irrigation and Drainage Specialist
Location:LAWR (Land, Air, and Water Resources)Veihmeyer, University of California, Davis
Phone:(530) 752-4639
Fax:(530) 752-5262
Specialties:Drainage wells and pumps microirrigation, sprinkler irrigation furrow irrigation, border and basin irrigation, irrigation scheduling salinity soil moisture sensors
Peggy G. LeMaux Photo
  • Peggy G. LeMaux
  • Cooperative Extension Biotechnology Specialist
Website 2:
Location:Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley
Phone:(510) 642-1589
Fax:(510) 642-7356
Specialties:Biotechnology Applications in Alfalfa, Roundup Ready Alfalfa
Peter H. Robinson, Ph.D. Photo
  • Peter H. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Cooperative Extension Dairy Nutritionist
Location:Animal Science, University of California, Davis
Phone:(530) 754-7565
Fax:(530) 752-0175
Specialties:Onfarm animal management systems onfarm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows.
  • Becky B. Westerdahl
  • Cooperative Extension Specialist & Professor
Location:Nematology CAES, University of California, Davis
Phone:(530) 752-1405
Specialties:Applied nematology, integrated pest management